1. Fundraise Online in a Few Easy Steps

Quick and simple fundraising is what Charity Fundraiser offers. Whether you are running a campaign for your school or to raise money for your honeymoon, Charity Fundraiser makes it easy to build your site, invite friends and family members to donate and to access your money.

How to Start a Fundraiser: Register for an account. Build your website. Share the site link with people you know. Collect donations. It's that simple.

What kind of fundraisers can I host? Charity Fundraiser allows you to raise money online for a variety of events, causes and organisations. Whether it's a personal expense, for a cause or an organization, Charity Fundraiser has everything you need to build and launch your campaign today.

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2. How do I accept donations online?

All of the tools you need to build and accept donations are built in to Charity Fundraiser. Once you register for a Charity Fundraiser account, you'll also receive a special link you can share with your family members and friends. When visitors come to your page, they can donate using a debit card or credit card. You have instant access to your donations!

3. When can I access my donations?

With Charity Fundraiser, you have instant access to your donations. As soon as the money shows in your account, you can collect it. Even if you set and reach a monetary goal, the page continues to accept donations after exceeding the goal. Charity Fundraiser doesn't have any time limits or minimum deduction amounts you have to reach before you can access the donations.

4. How do I access my donations?

All donations are send to your PayPal account without a problem. You will get the money directly after the donations.

5.Do my donors need a Charity Fundraiser account?

No. When donors go to your website, all they have to do is complete the donation and payment information. Donors do not have to open a Charity Fundraiser account in order to donate.

6.What fees does Charity Fundraiser charge?

Charity Fundraiser automatically deducts a 5% fee from each donation. If you never receive a donation, then Charity Fundraiser won't charge you any fees. The fee deduction occurs immediately upon the receipt of the donation, so there isn't a bill to worry about later. Charity Fundraiser does not charge donors. With all of the built-in tools and no upfront fees, Charity Fundraiser is the BEST fundraising solution available, which more than compensates you for the transaction fees.

7. Does PayPal charge fees for collecting donations?

Yes, both services charge a percentage of the payment amount you receive and/ or a flat-rate transaction fee. PayPal charges 2.9% of the donation amount, plus a $0.30 transaction fee. Charity Fundraiser account.

8. Why wouldn't I just use PayPal only?

PayPal is a payment processor, but it doesn't include all of the tools, a special website and more to create a fundraising machine like Charity Fundraiser does. PayPal is just that a place to process payments. It does not provide you with the full package of tools a fundraising system has to help you establish a fundraiser, share the cause with others and collect the donations, all in one place.

9. Do I have to be a non-profit to use this?

No. While non-profit organisations are one of the groups that do use Charity Fundraiser, it is available to anyone who is looking to establish and run a fundraiser. Charity Fundraiser was designed to be simple and quick to learn so that anyone can use it to meet their fundraising needs.

10. How does the 'Charity Donations' feature work?

Charity Fundraiser has partnered with FirstGiving, which allows you to contribute all or portions of your donations to your favorite U.S charity or non-profit organization. FirstGiving deducts 4.25% from the donation amount as a processing and delivery fee. If you are interested in collecting donations for a specific charity or organization, visit the Charity Donations Page. Locate the charity or non-profit you want to raise money for and click the orange Raise Money Button.

11.Do my donors pay fees?

No!donors never pay fees for the donations. The fee comes off the backend of the transaction, so it is not an additional fee that your donors are responsible for paying.

12.Is there a maximum amount I can raise?

No. You can set your Charity Fundraiser goal as high as you want. Even when you reach your goal, your website still continues to accept donations. When you withdraw money from your account, the donation page remains at the total donation amount, so that you and other visitors can still see the total amount raised, regardless of any withdrawals you’ve made.

13.Can I use Facebook and Twitter to raise money?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the features that make Charity Fundraiser so great. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Charity Fundraiser to spread the word about your fundraiser. Sharing this information on your social media networks helps you to attract more donors and increase your donation amount.

14.How do I know if I have donations?

Every time your website receives a donation, an alert email is sent to you. You can also check your website dashboard, which is the control panel for your site. You can see all of your donations; check your account balance and request a withdrawal from the dashboard of your site.

15. Is it safe to make donations online?

Charity Fundraiser uses an industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that all payments processed online are safe and secure. You can increase safety by only donating to people, charities and organisations that you know and trust. Avoid donating to any sites that are suspicious or give you doubts. If you suspect suspicious activity, report it to the Charity Fundraiser team right away. here.

16.How does this affect my taxes?

Since everyones personal tax situation is different, it is best to check with your tax advisor, accountant or CPA prior to accepting or giving donations. Generally, donations made via Charity Fundraiser are considered a personal gift for tax purposes. These types of donations are not subject to personal income tax. However, to ensure that is correct for your individual situation, speak to a tax advisor. As far as claiming donations for tax purposes, eligible tax deductions are for those made to a legally registered non-profit organization or charity. While this is the general rule, it's best to check with a tax advisor before making a donation or claiming a donation as a tax deduction.

17.Which currencies does Charity Fundraiser accept?

Charity Fundraiser supports United States of America ($USD), United Kingdom (GBP), Canada ($CAD), Australia ($AUD), and Eurozone Countries (EUR). To set the currency you accept and donors give money in, you simply have to choose the correct currency during the registration process when you are establishing your Charity Fundraiser account.

Simply set your country and currency during the Join Now process.