Zehr's Auction Service
Zehr's Auction Service

Auctioneer Name: Zehr, Scott
Address: Scott Zehr 8923 Number Three Road Lowville
NY 13367
Ph: 315-222-6796
Email: zehrauctions@yahoo.com
Website: www.facebook.com/zehrauction

Details: When I was 15 I started working at a local cattle auction barn. After 3 years of working there two days per week, I was hooked. There was no question I wanted to be an auctioneer. After graduating from high school in June of 2003 my next stop was Missouri Auction School for the "fall term" in October of that year. After 9 days of intense training I was excited to be a graduate of Missouri Auction School!

After a year of working with a local auctioneer I knew working for the man wasn't for me. In June of 2005 I started my own company, Zehr's Auction Service. To this very day my mission hasn't changed, to be the best at my craft. I believe that an auction company is only as good as the man running it. I take a lot of pride in knowing I do my very best for each client. Since starting my business I've learned many things, one of them being, as long as I continue to offer a professional service based on trust and honesty, the good Lord willing ill be around for many years.