Col Tom Wolfe Auctioneer/Broker, LLC
Col Tom Wolfe Auctioneer/Broker, LLC

Auctioneer Name: Wolfe, Col. Tom
Address: Col. Tom Wolfe 353 Booths Creek RD Fairmont
WV 26554
Ph: 540-334-7653

Details: Col.Tom Wolfe has been conducting auctions since 1981 and has sold several thousand acres of land and hundreds of homes.

If you want to know more about auctions, we would like to meet you. Just give us a call. Together, we can discuss your needs and our capabilities.

Remember a successful auction creates a market, establishes market value and sells your property all at once. On your terms! And nobody is more qualified to help you succeed than Col. Tom Wolfe. Contact him today for more information - at absolutely no cost or obligation.