Zeitlin Auction Registry, LLC
Zeitlin Auction Registry, LLC

Auctioneer Name: Smith, Sheri
Address: Sheri Smith 2550 Meridian Blvd. ste 100 Franklin
TN 37027
Ph: 615-347-4110
Email: sheri@zeitlinauctions.com
Website: www.zeitlinauctions.com

Details: Zeitlin Realtors is one of the most successful realty companies in the southeast. We have a history of being at the forefront of our industry. Staying true to that concept we see the benefits we can provide clients in expediting the process of moving property. Zeitlin Auction Registry was formed with the goal of changing the way both buyers and sellers view auctions, free of delays and contingencies and provide the maximum return.

Zeitlin Auction Registry, LLC
Firm #5647

Thomas R. Ingram Auctioneer Lic. #3965
Sheri C. Amith AA Auctioneer Lic. #6481
Barry M. Smith AA Auctioneer Lic. #6482