Auctioneer Name: Beerstecher, Jim
Address: Jim Beerstecher www.TexasAuctionHouse.com 593 HCR 1221 Blum
TX 76627
Ph: 254-266-2366
Email: jim@texasauctionhouse.com
Website: www.texasauctionhouse.com

Details: Jim began in the auction biz as an internet auctioneer on eBay when eBay had fewer than 20 categories, before it went public! In cyber-years, that's about seventy years ago... figured approximately like dog years.

In 2003, Jim founded Texas Auction House as both a web presense, www.TexasAuctionHouse.com, and a real time business located in Whitney, Texas.

Jim now offers that full spectrum of auction services and can help you maximize your profits based on the current markets, ie some things auction best in real time and others best on the internet. Sometimes, they're best when outright sold via electronic/internet advertising or in our Auction Surplus Store.

Jim is always happy to share his knowledge and work with you on your disposition needs. Our customers are usually quite surprised to see what "full spectrum sales" can do for the disposition of assets and profitability! You want to get rid of stuff and maximize your profits, don't you?

Texas Auctioneer's License #16699.