A Family Heirloom, LLC
A Family Heirloom, LLC

Auctioneer Name: Liscomb, Scott
Address: Scott Liscomb 225 Pinney Street Ellington
CT 06029
Ph: 860.872.9100
Email: sliscomb@yahoo.com
Website: www.auctionzip.com/CT-Auctioneers/410576.html

Details: A Family Heirloom, LLC is referring NEW business to T. T. T. S. LLC Estate & Auction Services.

T. T. T. S. LLC Estate & Auction Services will sell &/or auction single items to entire estates. Their interests include artwork, jewelry (including costume jewelry in bulk), watches, buttons, silver, coins, toys, military, silverware, vintage treasures, antiques, vintage accessories, auction your used vehicle, musical instruments, furniture, ephemera and many - many other items.
Contact them about your treasures and other items today at 860-796-6872!
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T. T. T. S. LLC Estate & Auction Services has no affiliation with the A Family Heirloom, LLC business or brand.

NOTE: Scott still specializes in matching up buyers and sellers in the Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art Industry. Any inquiries about previous business with A Family Heirloom, LLC can be directed to Scott Liscomb at sliscomb@yahoo.com