Caring Transitions
Caring Transitions

Auctioneer Name: Good, Kendra & Ed
Address: Kendra & Ed Good 8220 Fuller St. Casper
WY 82604
Ph: 307-258-1403

Details: Looking to see what household items are available for sale through Caring Transitions in Casper WY? You've found the right place!

Our business is all about helping people manage household downsizing, whether it is an older adult moving to senior living, an empty nester looking to be in an easier-to-maintain home, or anyone needing to de-clutter. We don't sell homes, and we don't carry an inventory of household goods; We're not auctioneers or goods resellers. We live to work with the most experienced members of our community during a stressful time in their lives, and we especially love the opportunity to hear their stories and enjoy their memories.

We do help clients decide what to keep with them, how to get it moved and re-settled, and how to release the household goods they no longer need. We do the otherwise exhausting work of emptying attics, basements, junk drawers and garages! Goods may go to family members, charities, or be sold through whichever methods suit the client best.

One of the liquidation methods is the internet auction. This works like eBay, except the goods are local, the buyers are local, items are picked up locally, and sometimes the items can be previewed locally. We also can ship within the U.S.

Another liquidation technique is the tagged estate sale. This is way nicer than a yard sale or an on site auction. We clean and display your goods on covered tables, set prices, and manage all the aspects of the sale days. We even ask you to take the days off so we can handle all the decisions.

If you aren't seeing any other items listed at this store aside from this notice, we are simply between sales at this time. Check back soon to see if we've started another sale. You can also register for the site and sign up to receive an email whenever we add a new internet auction!

Please pass the word about the availability of Caring Transitions' services in Casper WY and surrounding areas. Thank you!

Kendra & Ed Good