All-Serve Auctions
All-Serve Auctions

Auctioneer Name: Eplin, Jerry
Address: Jerry Eplin Route 73 below college exit Logan
WV 25601
Ph: 304-752-6557

Details: Born and raised in Logan WV . Got into auction buisness in 1995 in selling . Decided to get my auctioneer license in 2002 .Found Licensed auctioneer George Lackey to apprentice under.
Made my apprentice license on 4-30-04 .Went
to Walton Auctioneer School in July of 2004.
Made my auctioneer license on 10-30-04 .Owner
and auctioneer of All Serve Auction in Aracoma
serving the public in Logan and surrounding areas .All types of auction services offered . Thank You for checking out my page .