Auctioneer Name: Comer, Ron
Address: Ron Comer 241 Gorbutt Rd. Princeton
WV 24739
Ph: 304-898-5003
Email: auction5star@yahoo.com

Details: 5 STAR AUCTIONS is an auction company with lots of new ideas. Ron Comer is not new to business or the auction business. He manages a very large and well respected manufacturing plant in the Bluefield area and understands very well the kind of expectations and ethics the customer requires. Assisting him with a long history of auction experience, antique and glassware knowledge, is his brother, Basil Comer. Together,they know what it takes to get the job done and render expected results for their customers. We drive our business on honesty and we believe in describing what we sell to the fullest extent of our knowledge before calling for a bid. Our customers work hard for their money and should receive what is expected from the products they buy. Call or E-mail us today for all of your auction needs, whether it be a tail gate auction or a family estate, we have the support to get it done.