Premier Auctions, LLC TN FL #5371
Premier Auctions, LLC TN FL #5371

Auctioneer Name: Allen, David
Address: David Allen 30 Burton Hills Blvd. Suite 175 Nashville
TN 37215
Ph: (615)335-6261

Details: Premier Auctions, LLC is among the first auction firms in Tennessee to recognize the potential value of the Real Estate agent to the auction method of selling property. We understand that the real estate agent is interested in the same results that we are- having satisfied sellers and buyers. At Premier Auctions, LLC we...

*Work with Realtors who may have selling clients in need of the unique advantages that an auction can provide

*Encourage Buying Agents to attend our auctions by offering full commission rates

*Utilize the latest technology to market the property including the Internet, print media, color brochures, attractive signs

Before you decide on how to sell your property, talk to us at Premier Auctions. Let us demonstrate how having an auction could be the best choice you make.