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A1 Auction Service

Auctioneer Name: Brown, Ed
Address: Ed Brown San Jose
CA 95150
Ph: 408-292-6800
Email: dannielle@a1auctionservice.com
Website: www.A1AuctionService.com

Details: Ed Brown, Auctioneer

Ed Brown dreamed of being an auctioneer as a child. However, Mr. Brown’s family expected Ed to take over the family’s retail store chain after his father retired. Ed reluctantly agreed to help the family business, but he later decided to pursue his career as an auctioneer after reading the book “The Millionaire Next Door” in 1991. The book listed Auctioneering as one of the top professions in which to become a millionaire.

Ed immediately went to Auctioneering School and “the rest is history.” After school, Ed struck out on his own to make his dream of becoming an auctioneer a reality. He found out about a storage company that was looking for an auctioneer. Mr. Brown met with the owner of the company and he provided auctioneer services for all of the locations. He also managed to get a job as a ringman for a national auto auction company, and he later worked his way up to an auctioneer position.

Mr. Brown learned about the exciting niche of benefit auctions from his peers. Ed began a new direction in his auctioneer career in presiding over benefit auctions for nonprofit organizations in Northern California and Nevada. As his reputation grew, Ed has presided over hundreds of benefit auctions for various charitable organizations across the country. He has raised millions of dollars for these nonprofits.

Ed strives to work within the existing framework of an organization to make the most of the resources available and in turn raise as much money as possible. Mr. Brown is a natural host and entertainer. He has a natural “likeability” and Ed entertains his audience with a warmth and charm unlike any other. Ed is a true “original” and captures the interest and imagination of anyone he comes in contact with.

Ed Brown is one of the busiest auctioneers in the business. He is a real asset to nonprofits where their special event fundraiser is concerned. Ed enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to help to meet or exceed your fundraising goals.

Ed is equally motivated to produce the maximum profit for commercial enterprises such as; Auto, Moving & Storage, Business, and Estate Auctions.