Allard Auctions
Allard Auctions

Auctioneer Name: Allard, Steve
Address: Steve Allard 419 Flathead St. #4 PO Box 1030 St Ignatius
MT 59865
Ph: 406-745-0500

Details: Allard Auctions, Inc. has been selling American Indian Artifacts and Art at auction since 1968 and have been based on the Flathead Indian Reservation in St. Ignatius, MT since 1972. They conduct three large annual events each year: a three day auction in Phoenix, AZ each March; a two day event each August in Santa Fe, NM; and another three day auction in Phoenix every November.

Allards produces a full color catalog for these larger events which provides customers with photos, item descriptions, and estimates for every item in the auction. The catalogs are available for purchase and include a post auction prices realized list, but are not required for admission to the auctions. In addition, Allards posts this entire catalog online for viewing about one month before each auction.

Those who cannot attend the auctions live on site may participate as absentee bidders in several ways. Bids may be submitted via U.S. mail, telephone, fax, or email up until the beginning of each auction session. Bids are then compiled and administered by Allards for the absentees.

In addition, Allards has the ability to let non attending bidders bid live via the Internet from anywhere in the world. With pre-registration, these bidders see a photo of each item as it is being sold, as well as the amount the item is selling for, and all in real time. Bidders are able to simply click a button to bid if they are interested. Allards was one of the pioneers in live online auction bidding and are associated with AuctionZip and I-Collector in this venture.

In addition to these large weekend events, Allards conducts small one-day auctions 15-20 times each year in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Coeur d'Alene, ID. Auctions on this "West Coast Series" consist of 250-300 items, and Allards provides a description listing of these items at each auction, but not a full color catalog.

Allards sells over 10,000 American Indian and related artifacts and art at auction each year, making them the largest in the world. This is what Allards deals in exclusively, and they rarely stray far from tradition American Indian collectibles.